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Sexting in the workplace and school

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Everyone has cell phones now, but workplaces and schools are being ripped apart by frequent sexting scandals.

Sexting occurs when you send explicit sexual messages or pictures via instant messenger or cell phone.{{more}} There can be detrimental consequences to employees, workplaces, and especially to young people who may believe they are simply exchanging pictures. So what’s the big deal?

1. It never stays with just one person. No matter how much that friend promises not to share the message, it is almost always shared with at least one other person.

2. When racy pictures go public, it is humiliating and can destroy your reputation for a long time.

3. The internet does not have an erase button. Once that image is online, it stays there forever.

4. More women engage in sexting than men.

5. At the heart of sexting is lack of self-esteem and peer pressure (even in workplaces), and it’s time to deal with those self-esteem issues. If you are asked to send a compromising image, that person really doesn’t care about you or your future.

6. Sexting will never get you a promotion, make another person like you more or even begin to like you.

7. For students, it can damage your future chances of getting into college or your future career. Colleges and employers do search the internet for information on potential students and employees.

8. During a sexting fiasco, the public humiliation to you, your friends, workplace, family and neighbours can be unbearable for many involved.

9. Many people caught up in sexting scandals often sink into deep depression.

10. There is no safe way to sext. Think before you take that racy photo and hit the send button.

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