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Merry Christmas to you all

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Can you tell my mind is not on work even though I am still at work?

Christmas is here, I’ve already bought my ham. The cocoa for my cocoa tea is a special one. I only cut from that stick on special occasions, and Christmas is one of them.{{more}} Yes, that cocoa stick is old but it gets better with age, it seems. I have my fruits for my sweet bread and plain cake. The black cake will have to come from my Mom. It almost feels like I am back home in St. Vincent, as long as I avoid looking out the window where about a foot of snow is accumulating.

No doubt you, too, have probably been a little preoccupied with Christmas plans even while at work, but don’t get too carried away. Try your best to spread some Christmas cheer instead of being caught up with the buying and decorating.

As you relax with family and friends this Christmas, take the time to truly appreciate how blessed you are. If you find it difficult to enjoy the company of family and friends, then go out of your way to find someone who is in a much more difficult position and help brighten their day. Visit some of the homes for the less fortunate as it will change your perspective.

Be thankful for the opportunities you enjoyed in 2008. Now is the perfect time to reflect on what worked and what did not work for you and set your course to improve for 2009. Instead of making a long list of goals you want to achieve, set 30 day goals instead since that’s about the time it takes for most people to lose their enthusiasm for most New Year’s resolutions.

This Christmas, give God thanks not for the piles of food you will eat or cook but for the gift of His Son.

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