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New Year’s Resolutions

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All the hustle and bustle associated with the pre-Christmas shopping have given way to the calm and cool reason of the Christmas season and we are now looking towards the beginning of a new year with hope springing in out hearts for a prosperous and fruitful new year.

It is the time of year when we resolve to discard all those practices which have weighed us down and which have become harmful to our lives.{{more}} It is also the time when we vow to embrace only those practices which would enhance and improve our lives. There are many resolves, some secret and public, which involve a change in our life style. But some of the most popular resolutions include keeping fit, completing a project and discontinuing a bad habit such as smoking and drinking alcohol, among others.

With the downturn in the global economy, many persons are going to make resolutions pertaining to their financial interest. Many persons would no doubt be tightening their belts to eliminate wasteful spending, because although a few persons feel that the recession in the USA would come to an end in May, 2009, there are many economists who feel that it would get worse before it gets better, and indeed the effect in the US has had a spill over effect. No doubt there are many persons who would resolve to conserve whatever resources that they have under their control. Many would be seeking new paths in their quest for success in what seems to be a trying year ahead.

There are few persons who have not been affected by the melt down of the economy in the US. Some have lost their jobs and have been unable to service their mortgage with the result that they have lost their homes through foreclosure. Others have lost some of their savings with the recent bank failures or have lost sizeable amounts of money through the stock market, especially on 401k plans for retirement. It is a dire situation, but resolutions are still possible even in the present economic climate.

It means that we would have to make resolutions on goals that are reachable and within our personal ability. Perhaps we were too busy last year trying to make as much money as possible and have ignored the people around us. Perhaps you can take another look at those closest to you- family and friends and maybe resolve to spend more time with them. Whatever you do, there must be some deliberate plan. Choose someone to direct the planning and do no leave anything to chance. Write down your plan so that in the middle of the year when the New Year gloss is worn off you can be reminded of your goals. No matter what you do, make people an important part of your plan.

I would like to encourage you to stay healthy this year. Observe helpful health tips. Exercise regularly. You do not have to be a member of a gym. Do your stretches at home on the floor or on your bed. Eat less salt and by extension cook with less salt. Avoid fatty foods. Do not stress yourself or cause anyone stress. Love your neighbor as yourself. Best wishes for 2009.

Ada Johnson is a solicitor and barrister-at-law.
E-mail address is: [email protected]