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Tribute to my Mom

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Fri, Oct 1, 2010

Stella James

My head I used to rest upon my mother’s breast
After moving from T.T to T.T, Sucking till they were both empty

“Near, near!” I used to cry, as if I was about to die
She would rub me down with coconut oil and call me a blessed son of the soil
It made me shine like a new penny, when the sun rays came down on me
When I had the cold or flu, she would put her mouth upon my nose
And pull my body gravy through

At night before I went to bed, she would smoke tobacco in my head
Then spread my legs and smoke what’s near and go to my toes to finish down there
“To keep away evil spirits and woolyard” She would say, and repeated the process night and day

I gave her her first grand child, Gentle little Fimber meek and mild
My sister Tita gave her Shannique, but Jesus took her back to keep
Fimber gave her her first great grandchild,
Mom loved us all and protected us, with mouth and hand

She gave me a lot of jokes the day before she left us
To go home in the precious arms of Jesus
We love you mom and surely would miss you, Jesus loves you, more,
That’s why he took you

By Dennis Jackson A.K.A. Honeyboy Bells