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Quiz time!

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Just when you thought your time for tests was over 🙂

A few important points from our previous weeks’ discussions:


1) The dose of medications for people over age 65 can be very different than for those under 65 years.{{more}}

2) Low blood sugars are safer in older people because they can handle it better than young folks.

3) High blood sugars can sometimes feel the same as having low blood sugars.

4) Older people with diabetes have higher rates of depression than older people without diabetes.

5) Having depression is always very obvious, like crying all the time.

6) The older someone gets, the more complicated their medicines should be for diabetes.

7) It makes no point to treat older people with diabetes because nothing bad will happen at their age anyway.


1)True 2)False 3)True

4)True 5)False 6)False


Hope you did well. This was an easy one, right? Until next time, stay safe and healthy, VIncies!

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