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SVGFF breaks new ground

SVGFF breaks new ground
Theon Gordon - Director of Technical Matters of the SVGFF

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The St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) has broken new ground, by staging its CONCACAF C Licence Diploma Course.

Spearheaded by Director of Technical Matters, Theon Gordon, the three month course will be facilitated by Keith Ollivierre, Roxell John, Wayde Jackson, Andrew Bramble, Alfred Grant, Kendale Mercury and Ralph Stowe.

Picking the knowledge of the facilitators are the technical staff of all national teams, as well as coaches from the 10 teams which are lodged in the premier division of the national football programme.

The coaches thus, will be engaged in 30 online sessions, which will take place on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays, and completed by December 19.

Apart from the virtual delivery of the course, participants will have some practical sessions in which they will implement what they have learnt.

Speaking at last Saturday’s virtual opening ceremony, Gordon was buoyed by St Vincent and the Grenadines’ ability to fashion its own course, to suit the current culture.

“In the past we had to message Fifa, we had to call CONCACAF to get an opportunity to have one of these courses… Now the process is more; we create our calendar, put out the information, we educate, we certify,” Gordon outlined.

He also noted: “This course is designed to provide coaches working with all the youth and amateur level with the tools needed to prepare players and teams to meet the demands of those environment…This course will also provide a foundation for those coaches who will pursue higher levels of coaching certification”.

Gordon, who is a CONCACAF instructor, also implored the coaches to think outside of their own space.

“Once you get the C licence here you will be able to work anywhere across the region, anywhere across CONCACAF… This is an opportunity for you to become a coach educator, to become a national team coach, whatever you see in your horizon as you would like in Football… Think bigger than that … I could be the next Technical Director, I could be the next regional director”.

While the local facilitators will deliver the course material, regional instructor, Lenny Lake, will drop by, to ensure that the modalities and other structures are being met.