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TASVG releases 2021 Junior Carifta standards

TASVG releases 2021 Junior Carifta standards

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Vincentian athletes wishing to make the trip to the 2021 Junior Carifta Games in Bermuda 2nd to 4th July, must first satisfy the standards set by Team Athletics SVG.

The Technical Officials of the sport’s local governing body has put 12.25 seconds as the minimum standard for the females Under-17 100m; 11:00 seconds for the males, while the Under- 20 females must achieve at least 12:15 seconds and the males,10.80 seconds.

The proposed standards for the 200m are Under-17 females 24.98 secs; males, 22:00 seconds, with Under-20 females having to do 24.68 and the males, 21.60 seconds.

For the Under-17 females 400m, the minimum standard is 57 secs, with the males having to attain 49.50 seconds. The females Under-20 400m standard is 56.61 seconds and the males, 48 seconds.

To be considered for selection for the 800m, the Unsder- 17 females must run at least 2 minutes 25 seconds, while the males’ standard is 2 minutes. The females Under-20 400m standard is 2 minutes 20 seconds and the males’ standard is 1 minute 56 seconds.

If an Under-17 female can clock 5 minutes 15 seconds in the 1500m, she will meet the standard, while the males will have to return a time of 4 minutes 18 seconds. The females Under-20 800m standard has been put at 5 minutes 10 seconds and males at 4 minutes 04 seconds.

Meanwhile, the females Open 3000m standard is 11 minutes 10 seconds and males Under-17 is 9 minutes 58 seconds. The males 5000m Under-20 standard is set at 16 minutes .08 seconds.

For the 100m Under-17 Hurdles females (14.50 secs), males Under-17 – 14 secs, Under-20 females (14.15 secs) and males, 13.50 seconds.

Also the females 400m Under-17 Hurdles standard is 1 minute 05 seconds; the males is 56.81 seconds, with the females Under-20 having to attain a time of 1 minute 05 seconds and the males, 55.90 seconds.

In the field events, the females Under-17 high jump standard is 1.70m, with the males’ minimum height being 1.90m. The females Under-20s standard is 1.90m and the males is 2.00m.

A leap of 5.55m is the standard set for the females Under-17 long jump, with the males having to reach a distance of 6.50m. At the Under-20 level, the females must jump 5.80m and the males, 7.10m to be considered for selection.

The triple jump standard for the Under-17 females is 12.00m; males, 13.90m, while the Under-20 females have to have at least a leap of 12.70m and the males,14.90m.

The javelin standards are Under-17 females (34.00m), Under-17 males, 45.75m, Under-20 females, 40.18m and Under-20 males, 65m.

In the females Under- 17 shot putt, the standard is 12.60m and the males is 15.25m. The Under-20 females shot putt standard is 13.00m and the males must reach at least a distance of 16.0m.

To make the cut for the Discus, the Under-17 females have to clear at least 34.50m, the males, 43.80m; Under-20 females (40.00m) and Under-20 males (53.20m).

And, Octathlon open females’ standard is 4200 points and the open males is 3900m.

When the last edition of the Carifta Games was held in the Cayman Islands in 2019, St Vincent and the Grenadines collected three bronze medals. Ulanda Lewis was a double medallist, as she placed third in the females Under-17 100 and 200m, while Handal Roban was also third in the male Under-20 800m.