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All sports for North Leeward in 2021

All sports for North Leeward in 2021
President of the NLSCO – Noland Allen

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The year 2021, has been declared the time of revival for sports in North Leeward.

So says, president of the North Leeward Sports and Cultural Organisation (NLSCO) Noland Allen.

Speaking to reporters recently at the handing over of basketball equipment to his organisation, Allen declared, “We have already set a plan in place for 2021 that involves all sports in North Leeward, and we will also be focusing on capacity building, for example, training our people in terms of our officials, and also bringing back those sports that have gone dormant”.

Allen noted that while cricket and football are the two main sporting disciplines, they are moving to revive others.

“Going forward, we definitely will be bringing back to North Leeward, netball, basketball, and table tennis tournaments.  We also have a lot of track and field events planned,” Allen informed.

Cognisant that there are others within the North Leeward constituency who are operating outside of the ambit of the NLSCO, Allen disclosed that inclusion is the order of the day.

“We are here to support and give whatever help we can to get the resources and manpower, but it’s all about revival and trying to get sports back up to a level,” the NLSCO president echoed.