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Crick to quit NCA

Crick to quit NCA

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Elson Crick, who has served St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ cricket administration for over two decades, is on his final leg in such capacity.{{more}}

Crick, soon after being re-elected First Vice President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association, last Saturday, at that organisation’s Annual General Meeting, told SEARCHLIGHT, that he would be serving his final two years with the organization.

Crick expressed that he would like to see at least three things implemented before he calls it a day.

“I would like to see a strategic plan, a road map to show everybody where we want to take cricket, so that the clubs can understand and the association can understand, the public and the sponsors know where the association wants to take Cricket,” said Crick, at the event staged at the President’s Suite of the Arnos Vale Playing Field.

“The second thing is youth cricket, because I don’t think that enough is being done in a strategic way on youth cricket, as we are looking too much towards competitions and we have to start thinking about things like coaching and mentoring,” said Crick, who is also the Vice President of the Windward Islands Cricket Board of Control.

Thirdly, Crick called for a revisit to the Constitution of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association.

“The Constitution needs some attention; the last time there were some amendments was back in 1992 or 1993, and after fifteen years, the Association would have moved on and you need a set of laws to take the Association in a particular direction,” said Crick, a Board Member of the West Indies Cricket (WICB).

Crick’s contribution to the sport is not over altogether. He said that he thought it was time he give back the expertise he has acquired over the years and his remaining energies to the Mesopotamia community, where was born, bred and still resides.

“I have been working hard at the national level for the past twenty years or so, and Cricket at the community level in Mespo needs some attention, and there is where I learned my Cricket,” Crick stated.

“There are lots of youngsters out there, who need attention; they need coaching; they need organizing; they need fund raising activities to help them raise money” Cricket added.

At last Saturday’s elections, he had to ward off a challenge from Ortis Jack, to retain his position. Crick triumphed 36-25.

Crick said that he was expecting to be opposed, as he has always been challenged in the past. He contended that he believes that he was challenged for reasons other than cricket.

“If you challenge me on my cricket ability, it is not that, it is either dislike or politics, but you have to take these things in stride,” Crick, a leading spokesperson for the governing Unity Labour Party (ULP) stated. (RT)