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West St. George Secondary receives sporting assistance

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The Sports Department of the West St. George Secondary School has received a complement of sporting equipment and gear to advance the school’s sporting endeavours.{{more}}

These items were handed over to the school by the Area Representative Cecil Mckie on Wednesday, February 2, 2011. Donations were made possible by friends in the United Kingdom, and Sprotts Brothers Limited.

Principal of the West St. George Secondary School, Asfo Stephens, was present to accept the donations. Stephens told students that sports is another vehicle for upward social mobility and that sports can enhance their academic ability. Stephens added that becoming good at sports is no ordinary thing because it requires hard work and dedication.

Mckie said that this is the first of many donations coming to the students. He pledged continued support to the West St. George Secondary School and assistance in their total development. He told students that their development does not hinge only on academic achievement, although it is very important.

According to Mckie, work is continuing on the Belair hard court in preparation for netball, volley ball and basket ball. He expects participation from the students and the community.

The equipment and gear donated to the West St. George Secondary School include: 2 gear bags, 4 pairs cricket shoes, 1 helmet, 5 pairs of pads, 4 pairs of mittens, 6 balls, 2 bats, 5 thigh pads, 2 arm guards, 4 footballs, 1 pump, 1 first aid kit, cervical collars, thigh bands, knee bands, cup straps, wrist bands and bandages.