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A business plan for Football in SVG

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Work to further develop the game of football in this country continues.

Members of the business community and the Football Federation met on Friday, June 11, 2010, to further discuss the introduction of a business integrated approach to the sport.{{more}}

Facilitated by two FIFA consultants, over a dozen members of the corporate community discussed strategies for a proposed business plan.

“The plan of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation is a well thought out plan, but like any good plan one needs tools – financial and staff resources,” said Kevan Pipe, one of the consultants.

“Now that the staff aspect has been taken care of, we will be attacking the financial aspect of the Federation,” he continued.

Pipe said the team will be exploring potential avenues for revenue generation for the association.

“This is not a donation and not a handout approach,” he stated.

Pipe said the aim is to demonstrate to potential sponsors the benefits of becoming involved in football.

Growth in football requires partners said Christopher Collie, the other consultant.

Collie reiterated the mandate is to help the Federation to identify what the key assets are and to help communicate these to the corporate community.

“It is not easy marketing and generating corporate sponsorship. It takes a lot of hard work,” he stated.

The activity is part of a professionalization program initiated by FIFA to identify and implement strategies for the development of football.