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Glynn is new head of SVGBBF

Glynn is new head of SVGBBF

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The man sitting in the hot seat of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Basketball Federation (SVGBBF), Cleopheus Glynn, is aware that his task, and that of his Executive, is a huge one, but is prepared to face the challenge head on.{{more}}

He was elevated to the position last week Wednesday, March 31, when the Federation staged its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the New Montrose Basketball facility.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on April 1, Glynn said that his immediate focus is to first win back the confidence of members.

“The image of Basketball is real low,” Glynn acknowledged.

According to him, “that will take a lot of air play and effort.”

Promising to be different, Glynn said: “My thing is one of inclusion. My ideas must not always go forward, as I am open to suggestions and being frank.”

“I want things which are best for the sport,” the new President stated.

Manifestation of Glynn’s frankness came when, just prior to his election, he was asked to present the financial statement of the Federation for the year October 2008 to September 2009.

In his presentation of the statement, Glynn, who in August 2008 was co-opted as General Secretary on the outgoing Executive, was candid to those present about the shortcomings of the organisation.

In further outlining his objectives to SEARCHLIGHT, Glynn said: “ The grassroots programme needs to be looked at, the improvement of officials, players, more referees need to be trained. In fact, the entire system needs to be looked at.”

“We also want to get into the primary school system, as we do not have a presence there,” Glynn, who has served on previous Executives in the posts of General Secretary and Assistant Secretary Treasurer remarked.

Elected unopposed, Glynn will have as his First Vice President another seasoned Basketball administrator, Conrad Simon, who returned to the position he served in for almost a year and a half, as he, like Glynn, had been co-opted.

Sonya Lewis, also a veteran of sports administration, brings her years of Netball experience to bear on Basketball, in her capacity of the Federation’s Second Vice President.

Likewise, Darwin Vanloo is the new Third Vice President, a position he said he accepted with reluctance, but did so, given the current state of the sport.

Simon, Lewis and Vanloo had no challengers and were elected unopposed.

The AGM, which lasted for close to four hours, also saw the election of Winfield Abbott to the post of Assistant Secretary Treasurer. Abbott was elected unopposed, but not before he was whipped by Darron John and Bernard Billy for the positions of General Secretary and Treasurer, respectively. John beat him 14-8 and Billy 11-9. The new Executive has a four year mandate.