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Pastures, K & R Strikers head upwards

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When the next National Club Championships begin in 2010, the Premier Division will see two new clubs, in BESCO Pastures and K & R Strikers.{{more}}

The two are certain to replace bottom placed Premier Division clubs: Predators and United Force, as they are ahead on points and cannot be surpassed by the other eight clubs in the First Division.

When the championships were halted just before the Christmas celebrations, K& R Strikers stood on 21 points from their eight matches, having won 7 and lost one. They have a goal difference to their credit of 19 goals.

BESCO Pastures, one of the oldest Football units in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is on 20 points, also from eight matches. However, they are unbeaten, and have won six matches, and drawn two. Like K & R Strikers, BESCO Pastures has a favourable nineteen goal difference.

When the competition resumes in the new year, the two will square off in what will be a virtual final, to see who cops the First Division’s top prize in the National Lotteries Authority sponsored championships.

It will be an atonement for Pastures, who during the play offs were involved in a battle of legality with organizers, over the “ineligible/eligible player ruling”, which saw them being involved in a play off, before being finally assigned a place in the First Division.

Trailing them are Parkside Rollers, who have completed their quota of nine matches and finished with 19 points. Next in the standings are Gabba Boyz with 17 points, and Paradise Investments Greiggs on 13 points.

Brighton All Stars and Rocksdale are on seven and nine points, respectively, and have each other to play in the other fixture outstanding in that division.

Brownstown Most Wanted have finished their nine matches, compiling eight points.

Completing the division’s table are the Marriaqua Valley sides: Richland Park Pride and Joy and Munich FC, as both finished on four points from their maximum nine matches in the round robin format.

The former, though, has a superior goal difference. Pride and Joy finished with a goal difference of 16 to Munich’s 24.

Already, the Premier Division has been decided, with Avenues crowned the top flight’s winners.

The Premier Division, however, is yet to be completed, with ten matches still to be played. (RT)