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Father and son dominate 5K road race

Father and son dominate  5K road race

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The LOG Enterprises North Windward 5K road race staged last Sunday afternoon saw an unusual occurrence, that of a father and son winning two of the categories.{{more}}

Seasoned athlete Caswin Prince copped the Male over 20 division, with his offspring Caswin Lewis, the Male Under 15.

Prince was first overall, and Lewis finished third, as the 14-year-old who represented the Petit Bordel Secondary School, showed his older competitors a thing or two in road running.

The lean Prince completed the distance run from the Rabacca Bridge down to Byrea in 21 minutes 23.13 seconds.

A clone of Prince, Lewis clocked 23 minutes 41.05 seconds, which earned him his age group title, repeating victories in the National Properties Cross Country championships and the North Leeward 5K.

The duo sandwiched the ever present Dwight Baptiste, who docked in second in the over 20 male category. His time was 22 minutes 09.50 seconds.

Third in the over 20 male was Lawrence Arthur, of the Georgetown Secondary School, in 24 minutes 12.03 seconds.

In the Female over 20, it was once again Lisa Daniel, of Xceed Sports Club, as she was the only competitor in that category. Daniel’s time was 26 minutes 33.6 seconds.

Completing the top performers in the Male Under -15 were Xavier Corke, of the Georgetown Secondary, second in 24 minutes 33.63 seconds, with Shaman Hooper, of the PBSS, third, in 24 minutes 44.37 seconds.

The North Leeward clan also showed their dominance in the Female Under 15, as Fulicia Creese, also of the PBSS, in 31 minutes 40 seconds, was the clear winner.

Tara Joseph in 34 minutes 42 seconds and who represented the Adelphi Secondary was second. Antonia Simon of the North Union Secondary filled the third spot in 36 minutes 42 .97 seconds.

Alicia Cox, of the Girls’ High School, made it two in succession after her win in the North Leeward race. Cox captured the Female Under-19 in 27 minutes 36.97 seconds, beating Sandrika Hooper into second place. Hooper, of the PBSS, clocked 27 minutes 45.56 seconds, and Moriah Corke of the Georgetown Secondary, was a distant third in 40 minutes 42.95 seconds.

The Georgetown Secondary made a clean sweep of the prizes in the Male Under-19. Ivando Clarke was first in 23 minutes 42.84 seconds, second was Davin Williams in 25 minutes 23.4 seconds, and third Jemmy Arthur in 27 minutes 16.08 seconds.

All the top three finishers received cash awards.

All participants who crossed the finish line had the added treat of receiving gift bags of products distributed by the sponsor.

Assisting in the presentation was Lynton Greaves, the Managing Director of LOG Enterprises.

The athletes have another opportunity to win some more cash this Sunday, November 22, when it will be the turn of the South Leeward area to have a similar 5K event come their way. (RT)