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71 complete North Leeward 5k race

71 complete North  Leeward 5k race

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With throbbing muscles and dripping sweat, Junior Ashton of Chatoyer Sports Club out ran the competition to claim the North Leeward 5K road race championship in 21 minutes 47.10 seconds on Sunday November 2nd.{{more}}

The closest contenders were Maxroy Forbes and Kenron Daniel coming in at 22:55.66 and 24:1.72 respectively.

The annual event is organized by Team Athletics St Vincent and the Grenadines (TASVG) and had been sponsored for a number of years by Franco Construction, but last year, the event was changed from a 10K that began at Spring Village to a 5K that started at Troumaca Bottom. The races end at the Beachfront Restaurant and Bar at Fitz Hughes.

This year’s event saw 73 athletes starting and 71 completing the race. The top female contender was Lisa Daniel in 27:13.08 while Peace Corps volunteers Laura Mulcaby and Molly Okuneff placed second and third respectively in the over 19 female division.

Jolan Cato, Ivando Clark and Rosario Williams took the three top positions in the male under19 division, while female counterparts were Sandrika Hooper, Nadia Delpesche and Annica Porter respectively.

For the under 15 males Caswell Lewis, Xavier Corke and Shaman Hooper took the three top positions while Fulicia Creese, Tara Joseph and Lori Jack held the top spots in the female under 15 catogory.

The top finishers in each catogory were given cash awards and a special award of $50.was given to seven -year-old LJ Chance of Golden Grove for being the youngest person to complete the race, he was also given five dollars by a proud Chateaubelair resident. (AC)