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Hairoun Beer Independence Domino Sprint Competition results

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Campden Park October 28, 2008 -   Eight teams squared off in the Hairoun Beer Independence Domino Sprint Finals at Black Point on Independence Day. The venue was jam-packed, yet the teams battled fiercely until four winners emerged.{{more}}

 The results were as follows:  1. Penniston United edged out Beard Man Stars 15 – 12.

 2. Printery defeated Things to Talk 15 – 9.

 3. Stone Wall defeated Kerry Stars 15 – 9.

 4. Water Hole conquered Tai Chi 15 – 10.

 The four winners will compete Next Sunday in the semi finals and finals for trophies and Harioun Beer prizes. 

 The Tournament is sponsored by Hairoun beer – Hold your pride, Hold on to freedom, Hold Your Own.