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Stubbs Playing Field gets Management Committee

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A management committee is being put in place to manage the affairs of the Stubbs Playing Field.{{more}}

Yesterday evening, an election was held at the Stubbs Primary School to elect the new executive, which will be comprised of residents of Stubbs and surrounding areas.

This committee will be responsible for the effective maintenance, scheduling and overall use of the facility.

At a meeting held at the Stubbs Playing Field on Monday, October 6, 2008, Manager of the National Sports Council, Osborne Browne, Carlton ‘Teddy’ James, Chairman of the National Sports Council, and stakeholders of the community met to discuss the challenges preventing the use of the playing field and to chart a course forward.

A decision was taken to allow athletes from the area to use sections of the playing field.

Browne explained to the persons in attendance that the Stubbs Playing Field outfield had not responded quickly to restorative measures and this had placed undue pressure on users. He said this has been acknowledged by the National Sports Council as some sense of deprivation is felt.

He noted that the persons who will formulate the committee are dedicated and responsible persons from the Stubbs area and its environs and he was confident that they will do a good job.(HN)