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FCIB win Financial Institutions sports

FCIB win Financial Institutions sports

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When the scores were tabulated last Saturday evening at the Victoria Park, First Caribbean International Bank (FCIB) topped the points standing in the seventh inter financial institution sports meet.{{more}}

FCIB with 659 points pipped RBTT which finished on 653.

FCIB led by the competitive Francis Llewelyn sought every opportunity to lift the title.

RBTT had taken the lead after winning both the march past and the very entertaining cheerleader contest.

Last year’s winner National Commercial Bank (NCB) had to settle for third place with a distant 562 points. NCB and fourth place Bank of Nova Scotia on 333 points were no match for the highly competitive units from FCIB and RBTT.

Also taking part was the General Employees Co-operative Credit Union (GECCU), which scored a lone point with a lone athlete.

Obstacle races such as the “Egg and Spoon”, “Needle and Thread”, “Wheel barrow races”, “Piggy back races”, “the plank race”, walking races and the Tug -o-war among others grasped the focus of the workers, their spouses, off springs and relatives.

Not even the nail biting finish of the West Indies versus England match in the cricket world cup swayed the attention of those present although the Masters of Ceremonies gave updates of the final moments.

And making use of the night facilities at the Victoria Park, the proceedings went into evening.

With the lights on, Jeremy Charles of RBBT still took the spotlight as the top male performer with 22 points.

Sharing the limelight among the females were Leslie Kirby-Mc Kenzie of FCIB and Samantha Olliver of NCB. Both tallied 27 points.

Saturday’s activities were organized by the executive committee of Team Athletics SVG.