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Marriaqua Valley trio

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Packages sometimes come in threes, and at last Saturday’s National Sports Awards Ceremony, one such package was delivered and unwrapped.

Sports Personality of the Year and Senior Sportswoman of the Year Saska Diamond, Junior Sportswoman Leanna Lewis and International Sports Personality Kineke Alexander share some commonalities.{{more}}

The three come from the belly of the Marriaqua Valley. Diamond is from the village of La Croix, Lewis hails from Richland Park and Alexander from Glenside.

They are all former students of the St. Joseph’s Convent Marriaqua and were all born in 1986.

Diamond turns 21 in May, Lewis celebrates her birthday in April, while Alexander celebrated hers last Wednesday February 21.

While at school they were members of both the track and field and netball teams and on several occasions together represented St. Vincent and the Grenadines schools’ team at the annual Windward Islands Games. At present, they are pursuing studies in specialised fields.

Diamond is studying Law at the University of the West Indies Barbados, while Lewis is engaged in Hospitality studies at the St. Vincent Technical College.

Alexander is based in the United States at the University of Iowa where she is majoring in History and International Studies.

But most of all the three have been bosom buddies since their early teenage years.