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Lottery donates trophies

Lottery donates trophies

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Deputy Chairman of the National Lottery Authority, NLA, Brently Williams has called on sporting clubs to support that financial institution. Williams who was speaking at a handing over ceremony of trophies and medals valued at $20,900 to the Ministry of Sports, noted that while the financial institution contributes significantly to sports, they do not get the same assistance from the sporting clubs they assist.{{more}}

The Deputy Chairman noted that selling lottery tickets was a very profitable venture, where the average Lottery sales person earns $70,000 per year.

He suggested that ambitious sporting organisations could set up a booth and earn some extra cash and in the process assist the National Lottery.

Williams said that the Lottery was always willing to assist sports in the country but stressed that too many sporting clubs could come up with ways to assist themselves.

Expressing gratitude for the three barrels filled with trophies and medals,

Minister of Sports, Minister Glen Beache, joked that as a sportsman in his school days, he wished that he could have been awarded one of the brand new shining trophies that were being handed over, but noted that it would be an incentive for younger athletes to excel at sports.

The handing over ceremony took place on Tuesday February 14 at the Lottery Headquarters, but the National Lottery Authorities has been donating trophies and medals to schools throughout the country since 1995.