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• Ole George going after Guinness Record again

• Ole George going after Guinness Record again

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Last National Heroes Day, March 14, 2005, Earl ‘Ole George’ Daniel and Joel Butcher recorded a phenomenal achievement in St.Vincent and Grenadines – walking six days without sleep over mileage spanning 440 miles. Yet, amidst this magnificent feat the Guinness Book of Records has failed to recognize the duo’s achievement. {{more}}

Three months later, and undaunted by the setback, Daniel in an exclusive interview with SEARCHLIGHT has set a new time frame to give another shot at the record books again.

Next June, he plans to walk for nine days without sleep instead of six, from New York to his former hometown of Montreal, Canada.

Daniel remains adamant that he and Butcher, his walking partner, are the double world record holders. He said that The Guinness Book of Records states that the world record for the longest walk continuously without sleep stands at 418 miles over a period of six days, but the 440 miles they walked have surpassed this mark by far.

The Guinness authorities, in not accepting Daniel and Butcher’s efforts, cited lack of uniformity of terrain, rest periods, mileage, as well as the pace of the walk, for their non-acceptance of the feat.

A release from Guinness spokeswoman Laura McTurk, responding to figures submitted had said: “Individuals often walk at different speeds; some individuals may choose a more demanding course, the time people take for necessary breaks may vary.”

The release further said that because of those, it was “impossible to compare”.

In response, Daniel contended that what he did was never attempted. He further advised that if there was no category for such a walk, Guinness should create one for his efforts.

“I am going to put it out of doubt,” said Daniel with optimism.

When asked why he and Butcher had decided to walk for nine days this time around, Daniel responded that nine days is very significant to Vincentians.

“Talk in St.Vincent and the Grenadines is for nine days. Look how March 14 fade away,” said Daniel.

“Our children want something to connect to. They have two men that they can look up to. We have failed in a way, to drive home the advantage,” Daniel said with a measure of concern.

Daniel who is working in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism to make the North American walk a success, said he has approached several companies for sponsorship, but this was not forthcoming. He said he hopes this attitude would change in the upcoming months.

“I am going to do a more Herculean task so I have to be more prepared,” said Daniel.

The marathon walker has expressed thanks to Roy’s Inn, which continues to support him.

Following his March 14 historic walk Daniel was invited to relax and recuperate at Roy’s Inn for five days.