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• Women Cricketers aiming to defend Windies title

• Women Cricketers aiming to defend Windies title

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Determined on the retention of the West Indies Women’s cricket title, the St.Vincent and the Grenadines team has adopted the motto, “It is not about if we can win a tournament, but how to defend a title”.

St.Vincent and the Grenadines swept the league competition last year, held in Trinidad and Tobago, putting a lien on the regional senior crown for the first time.{{more}}

Coach Roxell John, who led the Vincentian outfit at this maiden title, is out to prove that last year’s achievement was “no fluke”.

John, has a methodical approach in the preparation of the team; intensifying the training regimen to three days per week, and using the extreme climatic conditions likely to be encountered in Jamaica,next month.

The training squad reduced to twenty-two from the original forty, is focussing currently on physical and technical preparedness ,game analysis, conditioning ,and game sense preparation.

Intense psychological training is planned as the July 16 -31 outing nears.

Satisfied with the enthusiasm and all round ability of his players, John said he is concerned with the fitness level and injuries.

“The fitness level is not what it ought to be, and this is compounded by injury to five players”, John claimed.

The absence of experienced medium pacer Melissa Billingy has also caused a void in the bowling department;a void John hopes to be filled by the other members.

Billingy was axed from the squad following her refusal to apologise for an alleged verbal altercation with an executive member of the Women’s Cricket Association.

John is looking to the other seasoned players Captain Geneille Greaves,and West Indies selectees Cordell Jack and Juliana Nero to add leadership and solidity

With a smack of optimism,the coach has the Knock -out competition penned oh his agenda of expectations.

Two practice matches set for June 11 and 12 will further trim the training squad to eighteen, with the final fourteen to be announced a few days before departure to the northern Caribbean.