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National Insurance Services timeline

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1989 – We bade farewell to Mr. Hugh Dougan and welcomed Mr. Castine I. Quashie as Administrative Director.

Persons became eligible for the first reduced Age Pension, Survivors’ and Invalidity benefit.

The first Age Pensioner was Winnifred John. The first Invalidity Pensioner was Robert Williams. {{more}}

National Insurance Scheme Sports and Cultural Club was formed.

Motto: “Discipline, Responsibility and Amity”

1990 – The NIS Sports & Cultural Club participated in the National Drama Festival with its presentation “Melba’s Calamity”.

It placed third in that competition.

The first Survivors’ Pension paid to the survivors of Alanzo Jacobs (Eve Jacobs, Mark

Jacobs and Joshua Jacobs)

1992 – The NIS office was relocated to the present headquarters – The Administrative Centre.

Mr. Lynford James was appointed as the Director. Mr. Reginald Thomas – Deputy Director.

The first actuarial review was done by Mr. Francisco Bayo.

The Principal conclusions:

• The NIS was actuarially sound. The 5.5% will be sufficient to finance the benefit payments.

• The insurable earning ceiling needed to be increased.

• The benefit payments needed to be increased.

• Employment Injury Benefits should be added to the insurance system.

• The computerization of most operations should be considered.