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Spectacular light up for Layou town

Spectacular light up for Layou town

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Last Sunday evening the South Leeward town of Layou was transformed into a city of light when the community launched its Christmas lighting and Nine Mornings celebrations.{{more}}

Travelling into Layou from Kingstown one was greeted by an extravagant array of lights stretching from one end of the waterfront to the other and extending out into the water on the jetty and on the dirt ramp adjacent to it.

With the theme “Joining Hearts and Hands to Light up Layou with Love”; the community came together in a show of pride and community spirit. The Bowman Brothers were the main act with a medley of Parang music that had the crown dancing. Other acts included New Generation Gospel Band and the Layou Primary School on pan and drums.

“Although Layou has been lighting up for a number of years this year we went all the way,” said Fidel Taylor chairman of Layou Community Development Group (LCDG), the organization that spearheaded the activities.

Taylor told SEARCHLIGHT that the planning process for this year started since January and he is pleased that that they have achieved their goals and much more. “We stand a good chance of winning this year but it’s not about winning and competition, it’s more about showcasing Layou and providing entertainment”, Taylor explained.

So far this year, LCDG has spent over $1,500 in lights alone while many lights were also donated by Layou residents at home and in the Diaspora. Over 75 people have been donating their time and creativity to the project and according to Taylor the overall cost may have already reached $40,000.