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Police Band lights up Paul’s Avenue

Police Band lights  up Paul’s Avenue

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Paul’s Avenue had a strong, loud, police presence last Tuesday night – and many residents were seen with their hands up, as the police issued command after command to them.{{more}}

No, it wasn’t a raid, it was the police band that invaded the car park to hold what Commissioner of Police (COP) Keith Miller said was the first ever performance by the band in the area.

As the band bellowed sweet tunes for about two hours, children and adults alike danced away and enjoyed a different type of police presence to the one they had had for months in the area.

Concerned about a surge in gun related crimes in the area last year, a police mobile unit had been stationed there for several months.

“In order to fight crime, you have to get to the people; you have to associate with the people,” said well known Paul’s Avenue restaurant operator Michael “Kye” Sylvester, who told SEARCHLIGHT that he was touched by the police gesture.

Kye said that it shows a sense of appreciation for the community and it uplifts the people to know that the police don’t only show up when something negative happens.

Meanwhile COP Miller said that it is an effort by the police to reach out to communities that may be considered “trouble areas.”

“We are trying to erase the stigma associated with these communities,” Miller said, to a warm reception from residents.

A similar event was held in Redemption Sharpes, and at press time, concerts were planned for Questelles and other areas.

“I glad they come, it is real nice, good for the community,” one woman told SEARCHLIGHT.

The police band was presented with a token of appreciation on behalf of the community.