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Let us put Christ back in Christmas

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Editor: We are just a couple days away from the celebration of Christmas. We can argue and debate about the date of the birth of Christ. The most important thing is that Christ was born. So in essence, Christmas is about Christ and the hope He brought to this world. Thus it should never be X-Mas, but Christmas.{{more}}

We have lost the meaning of Christmas, which is about Christ. We have become a nation where drinking, partying, decorations and material things have been more important than Christ. There would be no Christmas without Christ. Christmas is not about the eating, drinking and many other things previously mentioned, but about Christ. We no longer hear good old Christmas carols played on radio, but instead we hear many Christmas soca and other songs.

If Christ was not born, then He could not die. And there would not have been any hope for us. Therefore, let us be thankful for the Christ Child as we celebrate Christmas.

As we celebrate another Christmas, let us put God first in our lives. Let us remember that Christ is the reason for the season. Let the Prince of Peace reign in our hearts. Let us put aside the unforgiveness, malice, hatred, anger and many other sinful things, and let love, peace and goodwill reign in our hearts.

I take this opportunity to thank all my regular readers who look forward to my articles, and those who offer their encouragement to me, and to wish them and all others a Christ-centred Christmas. I take this opportunity also to say thanks to the Editors of the newspapers for publishing my articles, and also to all my readers, thanks.

May we all have a blessed Christmas and a peaceful, Christ-centred 2009.

Thank you.

Kennard King