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Christmas as the Bible teaches it

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EDITOR: Have you ever searched your Bible for the truth about Christmas? At the celebration of Christmas each year, you will observe that a pine tree is brought into the house and decorated with bright tinsel and lights. This is condemned in Jeremiah 10: 2 – almighty Yahweh. “Thus says Yahweh, ‘Learn not the ways of the heathen … for the customs of the people are vanity; for one cuts a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman with the axe. They deck it with silver and gold …”{{more}}

You will also observe the mother and child figures in the nativity scene frequently in use. Almost every pagan culture, however, yields the historical record of the veneration of mother and child. This traces back to Nimrod, who was said to be reincarnated in his new son (sun), Tammuz. It has no affiliation to the birth of the Messiah.

During the winter holidays, it is imperative that persons engaging in that celebration take a drink of alcoholic beverages. “The feast, as regulated by Caligula, lasted five days; loose reins were given to drunkenness and revelry (the Saturnalia). This was precisely the way in which Berosus, the drunken festival of the month of Tebeth, answering to our December, in other words, the festival of Bacchus, was celebrated in Babylon … the wassailing bowl of Christmas had its precise counterpart in the “drunken festivals” of Babylon, and many other observances still kept up among ourselves at Christmas came from the very same quarters.” (The Two Babylon by Alexander Hislop, pages 96 – 97). This is not a Biblical festival.

Where did the man in the little red suit, who is to represent the Spirit of Christmas, originate? He was called Saint Nicholas, shorten to St. Nick! A nick name for Satan the Devil! Prove this fact to yourself from any good dictionary. In the Webster’s New World Dictionary we read, “4.Saint, 4th century A.D.; Bishop of Myra: Patron Saint of Russia, of Greese, and of young people, sailors, etc.: his day is December 6: cf SANTA CLAUS.”

Sheldon Govia
Assemblies of Yahweh – Cedars