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Suzanne’s gives seniors Independence treat

Suzanne’s gives seniors Independence treat

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by Jamila Soso-Vincent 24.OCT.08

Senior citizens are an often-overlooked sector of society. However, this is not the case at Suzanne’s Hair Studio. Every year, around Independence time, the hair salon closes to the general public and senior citizens are treated for the entire day, free of cost, to any beauty service they desire.{{more}}

The eight edition of the event took place on Tuesday, October 21st and began at 10 a.m. The senior citizens chose any treatment from a vast array; including manicures, pedicures, cane-rowing, braiding, washing, setting, styling, relaxing, eyebrow shaping and much more.

Jestina Derrick (seated) being attended to by proprietor Suzanne Goodluck (back, left) and Suzie, an employee of the hair salon.

Proprietor Suzanne Goodluck related how much she enjoys the yearly event because it gives her and her staff a chance to interact with the elderly. Goodluck expressed how grateful she is to them because they have all done their part to help build the nation and should be rewarded for such. “We like to give something back!” she exclaimed.

Goodluck, however, lamented the absence of men because there are beauty services available that they can benefit from. “They hardly ever come,” she sighed. Since its inception, Goodluck admitted that only three men have ever attended. So you could imagine her delight, later that day, when Philmon Morris popped in for a pedicure.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, the general consensus amongst the senior citizens is that Suzanne Goodluck is a godsend. With a comfortable ambience, pleasant staff and soothing background music, they are made to feel at home. Hailing from different parts of the country, the majority of the women have been attending for many years. Verril King, one of the chattiest attendees, said that the day is always a treat for her. “The service is excellent!” she declared. The eldest of the bunch, Elrita Cockburn, is a ripe 80 years old. Her first time at the event, she seemed quite content to sit back and listen to the regulars chatter away. Cockburn confided that she was most looking forward to her pedicure.

Verril King showing off her freshly coiffed hairdo.

All of the women appeared to be deeply religious. They praised God for blessing Suzanne with the talent to run a hair salon, and in turn blessing them with this yearly treat. One patron, Dorothea Dickson, was quite philosophical about the whole thing. “When God gives you a gift, you must share it! And that is exactly what Suzanne has done.”

Indulging in light refreshment, the women nattered about everything, from their families to the local effects of Hurricane Omar to the popular U.S Presidential candidate, Barack Obama. One retiree even spoke of her fight with breast cancer and how it had strengthened her faith in God. Inevitably, they got around to comparing hairdos, manicure and pedicure treatments and hair colour. One could almost get a glimpse of what they might have been like in their more youthful days. Suzanne and her well-trained staff managed to bring back a sparkle in many an eye.

Sheillah Bacchus enjoying being attended to by one of the hairdressers.

The atmosphere was that of a jovial, extended family, and SEARCHLIGHT was unhesitatingly welcomed into the fold. Suzanne Goodluck is providing a wonderful service to the nation’s senior citizens. The fact that they turn out in their numbers every year is a testament to this.

In this season of Independence, Suzanne’s Hair Salon must be commended for being a successful business that remembers our senior citizens – many of them, in their own ways, being contributors in the struggle for Vincentian independence. One can only hope that other businesses follow suit.