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Gospel Fest groups Praise Him in Dance

Gospel Fest groups Praise Him in Dance

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Celebrating under the theme “Praise Him in the Dance,” the St Vincent and the Grenadines Gospel Fest Committee held their 4th annual Dance Showcase at the Peace Memorial Hall on Saturday October 11.{{more}}

The fifteen dance groups who performed on the stage, had the packed hall swaying from left to right in their seats as the music flowed through their bodies.

Addressing the gathering, Chairman of the Gospel Fest Committee, Fidel Taylor stated that the mere fact that they have been able to stage the dance fest for four consecutive years, is a true reflection that dance in St Vincent and the Grenadines is growing by leaps and bounds.

Since the dance was included into the Gospel Fest line up, Taylor noted that participation has been growing and this year, a record breaking 45 groups took part in the dance category. “This is a great achievement, we are seeing it surpassing the bands and other categories. Dance is going places,” Taylor noted.

Taylor also mentioned that the future for dance is bright and that it is just the beginning of great things to come. He urged the groups to sacrifice their time to practice and to be focused if they want to take dance to another level. Taylor further said that dance is not only attracting but it is impacting on lives.

The participating groups included: Sion Hill Methodist Mission, Murray’s Village Youth in Christ Dancers, Shabac, Shadalight, GTT Missionittes, Shekinah Dancers, Diadem Dancers, New Life Dancers, Vermont Miracle Dancers, KLT Dancers, Holirem Dancers, The Salvation Army Dancers, Kara and the Ecclesia. (KW)