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Lipstick tip for the ladies

Lipstick tip for the ladies


Ladies, when your favorite tube of lipstick is down to the last bit, you don’t have to throw it away, here’s how you can wear it for a bit longer.

What you will need:
  • Lipstick
  • Petroleum jelly and lip gloss (optional)
  • Small reseal-able container{{more}}


1. Scrape whatever is left of the lipstick into the reseal-able container
2. Add a bit of petroleum jelly
3. Add a bit of lip gloss (optional)
4. Blend

I used an old, pink Arista lipstick that used to dry out my lips and two old, almost finished Mary Kay lip colors (mainly because the compact case they were in was ruined and couldn’t close). For the reseal-able container, I used an empty Olay Regenerist night recovery cream container and a pair of old contact lens case. I highly recommend the contact lens cases! Not only are they cheap (at Q-care pharmacy), but they are small enough to fit into your purse and has two compartments that allows for two lip colours or a lip colour and some lip gloss/balm.

This beauty tip can also be used for lipsticks that dry out the lips since petroleum jelly acts as a moisturizer; it also makes the lipstick creamier and easy to apply. Even the smallest bit of lipstick can be used in this same way as a coloured lip gloss. Ultimately, you are prolonging the use of your favourite lipstick, saving money AND taking care of your lips.