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The second we start sleeping together, everyone else you’re seeing is my business!

The second we start  sleeping together, everyone else you’re seeing is  my business!


So when I was browsing ‘Facebook’ last week, I came across an interesting article entitled “The Second We Start Sleeping Together, Everyone Else You’re Seeing Is MY Business” written by a guy by the name of Lincoln Blades in his blog on the site{{more}}

Blades’s article basically gave explainations and reasons as to why he believes this is so. These are excerpts from the blog. Have a read:

“When it comes to dating, I believe it’s completely cool to do your own thing in relative seclusion and privacy. If you want to date me and 3 other dudes that’s all good, and if you are not seriously committed to any of us, then obviously it’s none of our business to know about each other. But there’s one important dating rule that far too many men and women break on a daily basis in regards to seeing multiple people – once you start sleeping with someone, it is your DUTY to inform them that there’s other people in your life.”

“This does NOT mean you need to give names, social security numbers, addresses, emails and twitter names of your other dates to the person you’re sleeping with, but it’s YOUR duty to give that person a simple heads up that you are in fact seeing and possibly sleeping with other people. Why, you ask? Because it’s the person you’re sleeping with’s DECISION whether they want to accept the situation you’re putting them in, or whether they want to leave.”

“Simply put it’s NOT too much to ask that once you give someone full access to your body, they make sure to be honest about who ELSE they are seeing. Once again, I’m NOT saying that anyone needs to disclose the personal identifying information of the people they sleep with, but lying about it is childish and potentially hazardous to MY health.”

Just the title of the blog made me sit up and pay attention, and as I read through, I realized that the writer was really on point, (at least in my opinion) and I am in total agreement with his stance on the subject. In this day and age, it has become quite normal for people, both males and females to have multiple sexual partners, whether or not they’re in a committed relationship. Everyone is of the general viewpoint that it’s just human nature and this makes it more acceptable hence seemingly less immoral. The concern now seems to lie, not with whether or not the person is seeing other people, but rather the gravity of their relationship with whomever they might be seeing. Nevertheless, for their own safety, people deserve to know if the person they’re sleeping with has other sexual partners, despite the safety issue, they might not even be looking to get involved in that sort of drama. You are all entitled to your individual opinions and lifestyle. However, when another person gets involved, it is not your place to impose your personal way of life on them, but rather give them the right to choose whether or not they are in agreement or acceptance to it. BUT, we all know that this is hardly ever the case, and people would usually get involved with each other, regardless of fact that the other person might be seeing someone else, since it is highly unlikely that anyone would truly be single.

It’s not my business to instruct other people on how they should live their lives, nothing is wrong with dating around, but your partners should be aware of the situation. The fact remains, however, that having multiple sexual partners is still immoral, still makes you promiscuous and encourages health issues and unnecessary drama.