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Young men – How to wear skinny jeans

Young men – How to wear skinny jeans


Skinny jeans, also known as pencil foot jeans, were a fad that was mostly exploited by gay men, rock stars and hippies in the 70’s and 80’s. It is now, however, a popular craze in male fashion worldwide, replacing the baggy gangster jeans of the 90’s and early 2000’s.{{more}} Men everywhere are now adapting to this trend, and while it is pleasant to be fashionable, it is equally important to wear what is appropriate for your body type.

Skinny jeans are not for everyone. They are for the thin and the toned. Just because it is in fashion does not mean that you have to wear it. On the other hand, the guys who have the body type to support such a bold look sometimes forget the importance of personal style. They often become misguided by the representation of celebrities, opting to imitate their style, which is usually too outrageous for regular society. In light of all this, I thought it would be wise to publish a basic guide which men could follow and enhance to achieve an appealing image that would also reflect their personal style.

First of all, guys, you are not a woman, celebrity or rock star (they can carry ANY look). Red, purple, yellow, green and all these rainbow coloured skinny jeans are a bit much, and I can assure you that it would be very hard to take you seriously. The only colours of jeans a man should wear are blues, blacks, browns and grays.

Fit is important. Yes, skinny jeans are supposed to fit snugly, but not skin tight. If they hinder your normal stride, prohibit sitting, squatting, and you look like a lady from behind, chances are your jeans are too tight. The seat of your jeans should not be at the back of your thighs.

Simple is best. As mentioned before, the skinny jeans trend is already a bold look, so on a regular day, you might want to keep the supporting pieces subtle. A fitted white Tee is classic and can always be accessorized to create different looks. Close fitting T-shirts and button down shirts with a little color can also be worn with matching or complementing shoes. Do not wear shirts that are too short or too long. Ensure that your top at least covers your belt and the waist of the pants. We do not need proof that you are wearing underwear. Excessive jewelry does not enhance this look.

Shoes are a vital part of this outfit. You do not want to wear shoes that are too chunky. Slim, high tops or flat sneakers complete this look. A pair of slim, neat Vans, Nikes, Supras, Slymz, Converse All-stars and Keds is the most appropriate.

Accessories – This is the part where you get to show your personality. Keeping the outfit simple would allow you to indulge in accessorizing. You can accessorize with jackets, hats, neck pieces (no more than 2), watches and other hand pieces and nice broad belts. Only ONE of your accessories should really stand out. The others should be more subtle pieces merely complementing or matching it.

Please guys! You are neither Chris Brown nor Lil Wayne. You are not a superstar but a standard member of a small society. If you are typically an artistic, creative, person and very outrageous with your style, then by all means indulge, but chances are, if you feel uncomfortable in it, you look uncomfortable in it.

So, young men, stick to regular classic colors, pull your pants up! Avoid looking like all the other celebrity impersonators and try to add a personal touch to your outfit, it will make you stand out as an individual. Don’t overdo it though, remember, simplicity is timeless.