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Make up tips for hazel eyes.


Quite a few women are blessed to have such beautiful hazel eyes. Matching the best shades to your eye colour is key to having the best look. Here are some tips for making those eyes look their best.

Earthy Brown Shadow and Liner – Warm, neutral browns enhance the richness of hazel eyes. To create more depth, defining eyes with a brown liner, like a medium brown with gold flecks. It’s not as jarring as black, but still gets your eyes noticed.

Warm Green Shadow and Liner – Bring out any green tones in your eyes by sweeping on a soft, army green shadow. Then rim the lashes in a darker shade of forest green.

Gilded Shadow – Gold (and bronze) brings out the warmth in hazel eyes — they pull golden flecks forward and make brown and green tones radiant. Dab gilded shadows in the corners of the eyes or the centres of the lids as dazzling highlighters, or sweep them across your lids for a more ethereal effect.

Eggplant Shadow and Liner – The other way to enhance hazel eyes is to go to the opposite side of the colour wheel.

Purple always provides a gorgeous contrast to hazel, and it’s great for creating smoky eyes. Use it to smoke out the top and bottom lash lines. Then line the eyes with a deep purple pencil for a dramatic effect that’s downright sexy.

Metallic Black Mascara – Eye shadow or no, never forget to amp up your lashes. With its subtle light-reflecting gold shimmer, it is especially flattering for hazel eyes.

Example of a perfect pallet for Hazel eyes.