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Treating Kids Hair

Treating Kids Hair


I ALWAYS like to put in an article from time to time to help the moms out there with those little heads of hair. Today, I figured it would be a good time to discuss when it’s ok to use a hair treatment on their hair. I discovered that once my daughter got to the stage where she was out of the baby products and I had to use more product in her hair (which causes build up on the follicle), it was time to start a treatment as well. Although her hair was not damaged or breaking I wanted to start off with a good hair routine.

Kids hair go through almost the same stress as our hair due to daily styling, exposure to the elements and other damaging aspects.

Once a month I would use a treatment in her hair to help keep it healthy.

Normally I would use which ever one I am using, because I have already read all the ingredients and tested it myself. I use the treatment as directed and I let her hair stay under a plastic wrap for about 30 minutes. Make sure to use a good moisture rich hair treatment for hair that gets very frizzy fast. I normally use one that says deep penetrating so that it feeds the hair the nutrients it needs. I don’t really like the hot oil treatments, not saying that they aren’t good but it’s just not my preference.

One common mistake is that persons leave too much water in their hair when applying a treatment after a wash. Gently towel-blot the hair to take out some of the water then apply the treatment. You do not want the additional water to dilute it. There are tons of hair treatments out there at very affordable

prices. You can buy some in the packages that are sold at all hair care stores, pharmacies and even supermarkets or you can opt for a tub to use whenever.

Don’t be afraid to use hair masks as well as homemade treatments. So let’s keep those little heads looking fabulous.