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What to do with that old shoe

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I don’t know about you, but I absolutely hate to throw away a pair of shoes that may be getting down in age. So, what do you do when you are in this predicament? You cover it with some fabric. This is also great for making matching shoes for your outfit.

You will need:
– a pair of shoes (pumps for this example)
– cotton printed fabric
– fabric glue
– crafts sponge brush
– scissors

If you are using a patterned print fabric, be careful with the directions of the print. Cut out two pentagon shapes, adjusted for heels. Using the sponge brush, put a thick layer of textile glue on the heel, then place the printed fabric on it and smooth out. Let dry, and once it is completely dried out, trim the edges, leaving about 1/8” around each of the sides. For the toes, cut two large rectangles from your fabric, but do not forget to leave ample room for error on all sides. Decide on the direction of your print and remember to match the other shoe too. Now repeat the moves you made for the heel. Add more glue to the edges and toe, fold and glue down each side/edge to prevent fraying. Do this around all of your edges, just to make sure. To hide the seam of the heel, just make a ribbon and glue it on top of it, and glue it to the inner side of the heel for extra support. I hope you manage this, and you get to enjoy every step, especially the result of your work!

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