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How to purge your closet

How to purge your closet


I am in the process of cleaning out my very overdue closet and honestly I just get confused with some items for whatever reason. I have found six questions we should ask to really cleanse ourselves of the unwanted clothing.

1. Does it fit? Sometimes I find myself keeping clothes that I would like to fit into soon but sometimes I don’t or I get new ones. Try to keep clothes that fit you right at that moment.

2. Is it damaged, stained or needs repair? Anything damaged beyond repair or stained needs to go because they won’t make you look or feel good. If you have items that need repairing, like hemming or replacing a button, give yourself a deadline to do the repair or have it repaired.

3. Do I feel good in it? Is it comfortable? Keep things that felt good and felt comfortable as soon as you put them on. If you automatically pulled down the hem, pulled up the neckline, etc. then it needs to go because you are not comfortable.

4. Do I look good in it? Do the color and style flatter me? Try to objectively look at your clothing choice. You may like it sure, but does it really flatter you. Some items may be out of style, had lost their shape or just may not fit your body or tastes anymore.

5. When was the last time I wore it? If you couldn’t remember the last time you wore it, it was time to let it go. Or if you hadn’t worn it in the last year, get rid of it too.

6. Would I be happy to wear it for the rest of the day? Ask yourself if you would be happy in it for the rest of day. If you thought you should keep an item, but couldn’t wait to take it off for whatever reason, obviously it does not belong in your closet.

Let these items guide you in having a wardrobe you can really be happy with.