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Taking a Makeup Break

Taking a Makeup Break


You may have gotten so used to makeup being a part of your morning routine that it’s hard to see that routine without it. Desiring a break from makeup is totally normal, especially if you wear it everyday, but it’s still so hard for you to step out of the house ‘bare-faced’. 

“What will people think?”; “I look better and more alert with makeup anyway”; “My co-workers are going to ask me if I’m tired”; are just some of the thoughts floating around in your head. This article will share the benefits of taking a makeup sabbatical, as well as some tips for your transition into a makeup break. 

The most obvious benefit of a makeup break is the chance your skin gets to breathe. The absence of products which clog the pores gives the skin a chance to replenish its natural moisture level. 

Taking a break from makeup also makes sense economically. Think about all the products you purchase and how quickly you run through them, because you use them daily. These breaks are your pocket’s best friend. 

Makeup breaks are also big time savers. Take that time you allocated to doing your makeup and use it to get more sleep in the morning!

Possibly the best part of the break is the confidence you build. The more you avoid wearing makeup is the more comfortable you feel ‘in your own skin’. Starving your dependency on it to feel good about the way you look is just the best! 


1 Gradually transition into your makeup break by wearing less makeup. Swap lipstick for lip-gloss, foundation for a BB (Blemish Balm) or CC (Colour Correcting) cream, and false lashes for mascara. 

2 Wear makeup twice per week instead of every day, until you’re comfortable enough to go an entire week without it.

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