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Quick fixes for ruined clothes


One minute you’re sitting down somewhere, the next minute there’s chewing gum stuck to your pair of jeans. Today’s article provides solutions to this and other pesky problems.

6. There aren’t many remedies for bleach stains. However, if the damaged item is something like a shirt, you can take the fun route and tie-dye it.1. Try freezing your jeans when gum gets stuck to them. The cold

temperature will cause the gum to harden, which will make it easier to separate from the jeans.

2. Dirt gets stuck to suede shoes easily and trying to get it out is a messy job. Try gently buffing the dirt off with a nail file.

3. Every woman has experienced the wrath of an underwire that’s poking through her bra. Cover the underwire with a regular band aid for instant relief.

4. Taking a shirt off with a full face of make-up can be tricky. If you do get foundation on the shirt, using shaving cream to remove it works wonders.

5. The trick to removing permanent marker stains is to soak them in

rubbing alcohol.

7. Use clear nail polish to temporarily prevent a button from becoming undone. The nail polish will hold loose threads in place and save you the time of sewing the button back on.

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