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Purchasing beauty blenders

Purchasing beauty blenders


If you have no idea which type of beauty sponge to purchase, here’s a crash course:

1. The original pink beauty blender is the most popular beauty blender. It is great for applying moisturizers, primers and foundation.

2. For the ladies with sensitive skin, the white beauty blender is your ideal choice. It can be used just like the original pink beauty blender. The only difference is it is dye-free, which will help you to avoid irritating your skin.{{more}}

3. The black beauty blender is perfect for applying bronzers and blending out contours and self-tanning lotions.

4. Micro Mini beauty blenders are about 1/4 the size of the original beauty blender. This makes them the best tool to manoeuvre in small areas, such as under the eyes, inner eye corners, sides of the nose and acne spots.


Beauty sponges are not only used for applying cream or liquid form make-up. You can also use it to apply setting powder.

Don’t use the sponge dry, instead run it under water, squeeze the excess water from it then use it to apply your make-up. This helps to achieve an even and seamless application.