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Moisturizing and detangling your child’s hair

Moisturizing and  detangling your child’s hair



I hope you can help me with this problem. I have been using a moisturizing detangler in my daughter’s hair, but I find that her hair is still dry at the end of the day. Should I change her detangler, or use grease?{{more}}

Help me, please.

Baby girl’s dry hair

Hey Baby girl’s dry hair,

Let’s start with this: no good can come from using plain old grease on any hair, young or old, natural or relaxed. It is important that a product not only detangles, but moisturizes your child’s hair. When washing her hair, make sure to not only shampoo, but condition as well. Then you choose a product that not only detangles, but locks in the moisture into the hair shaft.

I use a detangling leave-in conditioner from the African Pride Dream Kids line. I also melt a chunk of shea butter and add to it for extra moisture (in cream based products). Kids Organics also has products that can meet your kids hair care needs, as well as Aunt Jackie’s and Cantu.

There are lots of other product lines designed to have your child’s hair looking fantastic, from curling custard to give those curls definition and hold to growth stimulating formulas. So, whether her hair is relaxed or natural, you can get something to fit her needs. These products are available all over Kingstown and will not break your pocket.

I hope this helps.


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