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Carnival Make-up

Carnival Make-up


It’s that time of year again, when everything that is bright and glitters makes the cut. Lots of girls are looking for that amazing look that sets their face apart from the hundreds of other ladies who will be playing mas. Well, ladies, let me give you some great ideas to set your mind at ease.{{more}}

Not every look has to overload the visual senses.

This is actually one of my favourites. This naturally tribal look is quite simple to achieve with just your regular foundation, some blush, sheer eyeshadow and liner. The diamantes pop and bring life to your face.

Bright colours are also great for your costume look. You can match your eyes to the colours of your costume or use contrasting colours. Make sure that you use a white or beige primer for your eyelids, so the true colours of your eyeshadow can be seen.

Let’s not forget those lips. Give them some attention with fabulous ombre matte/gloss lipsticks or even liners. You can even add a touch of glitter to make it really stand out. If you’re afraid of glitter on your lips, then use some of your shimmer eyeshadow over the lipstick of your choice.

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