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Throwback Tuesday

Throwback Tuesday


Today’s article might leave you feeling nostalgic. I thought it would be interesting to refresh your memory with some of the products that were popular just a few years ago.

Amuse Lip Gloss

Every girl owned at least one of these very shiny fruit flavoured lip glosses. They came in a variety of flavours like strawberry, cherry and pineapple.{{more}}

Eyeshadow Applicators

Before eyeshadow brushes and blending brushes became popular, cotton applicators were used to apply and blend eyeshadow. I’m sure we are all thankful for the development in make-up especially where eyeshadow application is concerned. We can all agree that brushes definitely do a better job.

Glitter Eyeshadow

While glitter eyeshadow is now worn mostly with costumes, a few years ago it was the trend to wear it whenever with whatever.

Lipstick pots

You may remember applying your lipstick with your fingers if you had lipstick pots. They were very creamy, which contributed to a smooth application. They were even available in shiny glosses.

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