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The Moisturized Man

The Moisturized Man


This topic has been plaguing me for a while now. I realize that most men don’t like to moisturize their skin, and it’s more common than you think in both young and old. As I walked thorough Kingstown, I stopped to talk to a male friend of mine. As he moved his hands, I realized that he had very dry skin; upon further investigation, I saw that his elbows looked like his profession may have involved the moving of cement. I need men to understand that no matter how great you think you look, if you have dry, ashy skin, you just don’t cut it. {{more}}

Moisturizing your skin isn’t just for women. There are a number of products that can help keep your skin looking healthy. When you are buying a cream, don’t just get any old one; get a cream that is thick and not runny. Thin creams tend not to give you that protective coating that helps seal in moisture and keeps your skin soft.

Let us now venture into the world of body butters. It may seem a bit much, but I assure you it is necessary information. Body butters contain more lubricating ingredients, such as shea butter, and natural oils such as coconut, olive and jojoba and give you that luxurious feel. Some persons even use cocoa butter, but that tends to have darkening properties and is quite hard to work with.

Body lotions and butters come in many different scents and prices, so you don’t have to be wondering if you need to empty your pockets, or if you will smell like you’ve been picking flowers all day.

After you’ve chosen one to your liking, let’s try to make sure that we get full coverage. Make sure you get the exposed and non-exposed areas, especially your feet (even though they are in socks). So, if you work in a/c or you’re exposed to a lot of heat, just understand that you NEED to moisturize.