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Make-up Remover Alternatives

Make-up Remover Alternatives


If you wear make-up as often as I do, buying bottle after bottle of make-up remover becomes pricey after some time. No make-up remover? No problem. Below are a few make-up remover alternatives that you can find around your house.

For easy removal of eye make-up, try coconut oil or baby oil:{{more}}

Most make-up removers have an oil base which breaks down make-up for easy removal. Both coconut and baby oil do the same and work well removing mascara and eyeliner. Additionally, they are gentle on the skin.

Petroleum Jelly helps to remove waterproof make-up.

Waterproof make-up does not easily budge when trying to remove it. Use a small amount to take off all the waterproof products on your face. Give your face a gentle scrub after, as petroleum jelly may leave it clammy and oily.

If you have sensitive skin, hair conditioner and baby shampoo both gently remove layers of foundation, while leaving your face as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Tip: Rinsing your face with warm water makes the task of removing make-up much easier.

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