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Make-up Bag Must Haves

Make-up Bag Must Haves


There are so many beauty products available to us that sometimes it is difficult to determine what we actually need. Regardless of this, these are the make-up essentials that should stock every woman’s make-up bag.

o Foundation to flawlessly even out your skin tone

o Concealer to cover blemishes and wake up your under eyes

o Blush to add colour to your face or bronzer for a sun kissed glow

o An eye shadow palette

o A black or brown eyeliner pencil{{more}}

o Mascara to volumize your lashe

o 2 lipsticks in your favourite colours

o 1 lipgloss or chapstick to keep your lips moisturized

o All necessary make-up brushes, most importantly your foundation and blush brushes

All essentials for your make-up bag may be purchased at ACUTE COSMETICS, located on the 1st floor of the McDowall Building, Grenville Street, Kingstown.