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Dos and Don’ts of hiding a tummy

Dos and Don’ts of hiding a tummy


Let’s face it, we all don’t have that hour glass figure we desire, but we can, however, “fake it till we make it.” Here are some tips to hide that tummy.

Good undergarments are necessary to have. A good bra helps lift and separate the bust from the tummy, giving a longer look. Girdles and waist trainer also help to smooth you out and add curves.

A well structured jacket makes the body look sleeker and puts curves right where they need to be.{{more}}

Banded or ruched (gathered material) waistlines in dresses or tops are normally placed above the waist (around the bottom of your ribcage) at the smallest part of your torso, taking the attention away from the lower region of your body and giving you the look of a smaller waistline. Peplums also do a great job at camouflaging the tummy area and they are very trendy.

A V neck dress/top also raises the eye line up towards the face, giving a longer neckline and makes you look leaner.

Never wear horizontal stripes; they give the illusion of a much larger body.

Stay clear of fabrics that generally bring attention to themselves, like silks or sequins.

When mixing and matching, try to always place the darker piece at the bottom, so all eyes will be drawn to the top.

And there you have it; just give it a try.