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Surviving Carnival 2015


Last lap is this weekend, and for those who live and breathe Carnival, this is the ultimate nonstop party weekend. From those who are still “behaving the worse” from last year to those settling into their “rum meetings,” Carnival will again be the festive season it’s billed to be. However, please do not make a few days of festivities destroy your career and reputation.{{more}}

Avoid the temptation to start the drinking and partying before your workday officially ends. Don’t show up with a major hangover.

Use the buddy system if you are going out late and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

This is not the time to bring up old arguments, especially when many people will be intoxicated.

The people who may jump and wave with you all this weekend and into Monday and Tuesday, mostly likely will have no interest in speaking with you come Wednesday morning. Take no offense and move on.

Watch what you spend. There is life after Carnival, so do not spend critical living expenses on entertainment.

Instagram, Facebook,Twitter and other social media platforms have made it possible to broadcast everything. Know that at any time your behaviour and attire may be recorded and uploaded for the globe to see.

Even if it is Carnival, don’t even bother attempting to dance with your boss or co-workers, especially if they are married.

If you do decide to throw caution to the wind and enjoy yourself with no inhibitions, then be aware you are taking your life into your own hands in so many ways.

If you approach someone and they turn down your offer to “whine and grind,” move on—they have that right to do so.

If you have to work this weekend or during the Monday and Tuesday events, please do not become conveniently sick and stay home.

Men and women in uniform and on duty, resist the urge to dance amidst all the loud music and being surrounded by scantily clad people. Perform your duty to protect and serve.

For those who want nothing to do with Carnival, St Vincent and the Grenadines has many alternatives: beaches, hiking, and just relaxing with family.

Be Safe and Enjoy Carnival!

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