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Three simple rules to please difficult customers


One of the challenges in providing exceptional customer service is dealing with difficult customers. Sometimes, it seems like customers whine and complain about everything. Companies that receive any type of feedback from customers should be excited. Complaints are the customer’s way of saying that something is not right or not working in the company. This is great news, as no company can be profitable if the customers are not happy.{{more}}

When a customer takes the time to voice their concerns, they are telling you that they want to continue to do business with you, if you fix the problem. Studies show that most dissatisfied customers do not complain, but would stop patronizing the business.  Research has also shown that it takes five times the resources to find a new customer than it does to keep the one already doing business with the company. Therefore, it is imperative for management to listen to these concerns and rectify them immediately to keep their clientele. 

How should difficult customers be treated?

Give them answers.

Tell the customer how their problem will be fixed.  Give them the options available to resolve their complaints immediately.

Remain calm when dealing with angry customers.

Count to 10, take a deep breath, or delegate the task. Customers often refer to the company as “you.”  Try not to take this personally.

Apologize for inconveniences.

Sometimes an apology is all a customer needs. Go the extra mile to ensure they continue to patronize your establishment.

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