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10 signs your job may be destroying your family


Many people want a successful career so they can feel fulfilled personally and professionally, and to ensure a stable financial existence. While nothing is wrong with those ambitions, too often families pay the price when individuals want to pursue high-powered careers, but have not weighed the cost or put proper support techniques in place to avoid the inevitable. {{more}}

Take a moment to review these signs that your job may be jeopardizing the quality of your family life. Jobs come and go, but even in tough economies, family truly is forever. If you can see many of these danger signs in yourself, it’s time to make some adjustments.

Both parents are working and the children often have to fend for themselves or spend many nights alone or with other family members and friends.

You enjoy spending the weekend with friends from work instead of with family.

Your conversations at home centre around your challenges and celebrations at work.

Your cell phone constantly rings at home and it’s a work colleague.

You regularly miss family functions or your children’s important activities because you have to work or you are with work colleagues.

You consult your work colleagues often when making family decisions.

You share your emotional issues with work colleagues before you tell your significant other, or even instead of telling your significant other.

You have an “office spouse.”

You have frequent arguments about your job with your significant other.

You see work as an escape from dealing with the day-to-day challenges that are a part of normal family living.

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