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12 simple ways to get along in the workplace


There are days when getting along with your co-workers seems like a herculean task.  Personalities clash, egos get in the way, feelings get hurt and people are often misunderstood, overlooked and are not heard. On days when it just seems impossible to see any light at the end of the tunnel, here are 12 simple ways to put things back in perspective.{{more}}

1. Never be sorry for yourself or beg for sympathy; stop complaining, and actively create the life and job you want.

2. When you do not know something, say “I don’t know,” and when asked to do something, say “I’ll try.”

3. Listen carefully when spoken to; ask questions when you do not understand and do not ask questions about things that do not concern you.

4. Make others feel good when they are around you.

5. Look everyone right in the eye and tell the truth every time.

6. Be eager to learn and willing to teach.

7. Be well groomed from head to toe and let your wardrobe say that business is still conducted, even on casual Fridays.

8. Show up early and stay late sometimes, without complaining.

9. Never intimidate other employees, nor allow other employees to intimidate you.

10. Respect is commanded, not demanded.

11. Look cheerful, have a ready smile for everyone and never sulk. 

12.  Be polite and respectful to everyone that you come across, regardless of income, title, race, gender or difference of opinion.

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